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BMC 2014, Mt Conrad - Purcell Mtns - British Columbia

Price: $1895.00 including applicable taxes

  • Week 1: July     13th – 20th       Sold out
  • Week 2: July     20th  – 27th      Sold out
  • Week 3: July 27th – Aug 3rd      Sold out
  • Week 4: August    3rd  – 10th    Sold out
  • Week 5: August    10th – 17th    Sold out

I am pleased to announce the location of the third annual Boutique Mountaineering Camp!  Please join us in the remote Mt. Conrad area of the Purcell Mountains, seldom visited, with a number of significant peaks and some excellent rock in an amazing setting. 

We’ll have a spectacular campsite situated near treeline on the west arm of East Creek. Basecamp will be situated just south of the Conrad group. Mt. Conrad (3279m), Mt.Thorington (3036m), Giegerich Pk. (2990m), Mt. Malloy (3023m),Osprey Pk (2911m) as well as numerous unnamed peaks  (including locally named Mt Judith, Winnie the Pooh, Last Chance Pk and Mt. Ollie Marie) are all located to the north of our basecamp and will be excellent climbing options. Participants will have the option to venture southwest to

Mt MacCarthy (3055m), Mt Stone (3027m) and a number of other unnamed peaks(including Mount White Sails). To the south of our basecamp is a very intriguing set of granitic peaks known as the Climbing Ridge. There are a total of 5 summits with the local names of Yeropazock, Toby and Bernd given to 3 of the summits. This area has seen very little travel despite the high quality of granite available.  

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To register, contact Brad Harrison by e-mail, or by phone at 250-374-6049.