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Ski Touring Trips – Enjoy Super-Natural British Columbia, Reliable Powder with Amazing Scenery

*We offer a number of annual ski touring and ski mountaineering trips throughout the winter in the pristine confines of the magnificent mountains of British Columbia.

Our trips work on the 'boutique" style, this smaller format allows for a more intimate, individualized experience. We have lots of room in the lodge, at the dinner table and on the ski runs.

We think you will enjoy the personalized service! Have a group, contact us for a customized trip. We can fit your needs.

Locations - Throughout British Columbia

Our trips are hut based, utilizing the excellent facilities provided by members of the Backcountry Lodges of BC Association. The lodges are spread across BC and we have the flexibility to access nearly all of them, depending on your preferred trip dates.

Trip Logistics -  A complete variety

We offer catered or non-catered trips depending on your budget and preference. All trips are guided. Prices will vary according to services that you select.

Trip Dates - 2018

  • Ski Adventure 1:  January    20 - 27      Sunrise Lodge (GAH)          Sold-out
  • Ski Adventure 2:  January    27 - Feb 3   Sunrise Lodge (GAH)        Sold-out
  • Ski Adventure 3:  February  10 - 17       Sunrise Lodge (GAH)          Sold-out    
  • Ski Adventure 4: February   18 - 24       Trophy Chalet (Wells Gray) Sold-out 
  • AST 2+               :  March        3 - 10        Monashee Chalet                Sold-out 

Thanks again for a terrific week. The learning and skiing flowed back and forth nicely. Anticipating the weather change worked out great. You do good work Brad.


I have to say that the trip was the highlight of my skiing career. I have spent many years skiing in the mountains and never hired a guide before. I would love to go again and feel you were an excellent and professional guide at all times. Your knowledge of the area, terrain and snow conditions made me feel totally comfortable. If it works out I would like to be in better condition prior to making the trip next time since it took me a day or two to get up to speed on the climbs.

Thanks again for a wonderful week,


Thanks to everyone for a fabulous trip – outstanding snow, wonderful group, “top drawer” guide! Does anyone know more stories and jokes than Brad???

Ten out of Ten

John Simpson

Consider one of Brad Harrison's guided trips based out of the GAH lodges, He was a co-owner for 20+ years, and is one of the most experienced and funniest guys you'll ever spend time in the mountains with.

Sunrise Lodge in the Selkirks

Nick, coming in hot.

 Monte, riding the 'Burn"