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Avalanche Skills Training - Mountaineering / Hiking Camps

Hey folks, the winter season will be upon us before we know it. Need a safer ride? Take one of our ski touring '101' or avalanche courses.

Avalanche Skills Training – Learn skills that will help you play safer this winter!

Colwest Alpine Adventures specialize in Avalanche Safety Training Courses for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers. We offer flexible scheduling for private groups. Let us know if you have a group of 6 or more and we will set up dates that are convenient for you.
Other custom courses available: Intro to Backcountry Travel (learn the basics of backcountry travel, getting the right equipment, choosing appropriate destinations, how to have more fun and feel safe!)

Avalanche Canada - Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 (AST 1)

Avalanche Canada's “Avalanche Skills Training” (AST 1) course is a comprehensive program consisting of 6 hours of class time spread over 1 night & 2 field days (8 hours each) for a total of 20 hours of direct instruction.
The course focuses on understanding, recognizing & avoiding avalanche hazards. We focus on terrain recognition, basic snow pack structure, weather, group management, safe route finding & avalanche rescue techniques.


  •    >  Basic skiing, snow boarding or snowshoeing ability.
  •    > Touring equipment or snow shoes required.
  •    > No previous avalanche experience is required for the AST 1 course.
  •    > Note: We will provide all the necessary snow safety equipment, no need for you to rent.

$250 AST 1 Course Fee Includes:

  •   > 20 hrs of Direct Instruction
  •   > 6:1 student—instructor ratio (maximum)
  •   > All Manuals as required by Avalanche Canada, including the Avaluator
  •   > Industry Recognized certificate of completion
  •   > Use of the following safety equipment (shovel, probe, transceiver)

AST 1 Courses Dates - BC Interior - Please note, all dates are 2018 - 2019

Interested? Contact Brad Harrison at

Course 1: Nov 22 (classroom - evening)    Nov 24 & 25 (field days)    complete Kamloops   
Course 2: Jan 25 (classroom - evening)
Jan  26 & 27 (field days) complete 
Course 3: Dec   6 (classroom - evening)
Dec   8 &   9 (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 4: Dec 13  (classroom - evening)
Dec  15 &16 (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 5: Dec 18  (classroom - evening)
Dec  19 & 20 (field days) complete Kamloops 
Course 6: Dec 28  (classroom - evening)
Dec  29 & 30 (field days) complete Sun Peaks
Course 7: Jan 11  (classroom - evening)
Jan  12 & 13 (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 8: Jan 17  (classroom - evening)
Jan  19 & 20 (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 9: Jan 22  (classroom - evening)
Jan  23 & 24 (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 10: Feb 14  (classroom - evening)
Feb 15 & 16  (field days)
complete Sun Peaks
Course 11: Feb 22  (classroom - evening)  Feb 23 & 24  (field days) complete Kamloops
Course 12: Mar 26  (classroom - evening) Mar 27 & 28  (field days) Sold-out Chilliwack
Course 13: Mar 29  (classroom - evening) Mar 30 & 31  (field days) Sold-out Kamloops


*Have your own group, need CUSTOMIZED course dates? Feel free to contact us*

Your Instuctors: Brad Harrison & Terry Palechuk

Together, Brad and Terry have over 40 years of guiding experience and work in the avalanche industry.

Brad Harrison

  > CAA Professional Member
  > Executive Director, Backcountry Lodges of BC Association
  > Chair, InfoEx Advisory Group
  > Contact Brad at or call 250-819-9774

Terry Palechuk

  > ACMG Ski Guide
  >  Instructor, Adventure Guide Program, TRU
  >  CAA Professional Member / Chair, Avalanche Canada's Instructor Training Committee
  >  Contact Terry at or call 250-573-4697

I wanted to thank you again for a great course! The information is very serious but it was delivered in a fantastic way that allowed us to have fun but still take in the proper knowledge! Very professional! Stay DEEP! Thx!

Oronge Boardshop

Kent Thiessen

Thanks so much for everything Brad, you truly set an amazing tone that let everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I learned so much!!


Hi Brad

Cannot thank you enough for the excellent course. I refreshed lots from past learnings and experiences and more importantly learned a tremendous amount. You, Terry, and Linus were all great instructors, fun to both learn from and travel with, and extremely knowledgeable. Great to learn and laugh along he way. Feeling much better about my re-entry into the back country skiing world. Have a great winter.


You have really put on an amazing course and I am really happy with the knowledge that I’ve learned. I really believe you are the best or one of the very best in our province at what you do. Your course was enjoyable and also really challenged me - I had a friend that took a similar course stateside and I must've learned about three times as much in yours.


Hi Brad,

Thank you for delivering such an amazing AST course! I have learned so much and feel very elevated and empowered by the whole experience. Both you and Terry are incredible instructors! It was an honor and true pleasure meeting you and learning from you both.


Thanks Brad. You guys run a professional course that highlight the practical aspects of being out in avalanche terrain. I would recommend your course to anyone looking to get into the back-country experience. Hopefully I will be able to take another of your courses in the future.


Thank you Brad. A really good course, time well spent and I will continue to send staff, as well as recommend to others.


Hey Brad thanks for coming out! I heard nothing but great feedback on your knowledge and enthusiasm.


And thank you Brad and Terry both for a great course. LOTS of information to absorb, but it was a content-rich course, well presented, and in a great learning environment.

I hope to see you both again sometime in the not too distant future.

Jim Flom

Brad, thanks for the links and putting on the course. My son and I really enjoyed it and took away a lot.    


Lots of "big" surface hoar layers this winter..

Hi Brad,

Thanks again for the great course; you are a very inspirational instructor! 


Kent Thiessen, of Orange Boardshop fame, catching a few tips on snowpack analysis

Catching some last-minute tips on a companion rescue scenario

AST 1 held at the Sun Peaks Resort last December. Amazing conditions.

In December we ran an AST 1 at Manning Park for the Hope Mountain Centre.