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Summer Trips – 2021

Stevan enjoying a warm, calm day on the Klanawa River

In mid-September, 4 of us ventured out to the West Coast Trail. We had sunshine, heavy rain, a bit of everything. While there were many amazing vistas, the condition of the trail and the amount of trash at most of the campsites was definitely a concern. I hope that Parks Canada will be able to allocate some resources needed to add some badly needed trail maintenance.

Early snow at GAH’s Sunrise Lodge

In late August / early September, a group of 9 friends really enjoyed a 5-day, hut-to-hut trip through the Esplanade range of the Selkirk Mountains. Mother Nature provided us with nearly every kind of weather, but very few bugs. To quote Kathy, “it was a trip of a lifetime“.

Classic ridge traverse in the Holliday Range of the Canadian Rockies

Five locals from Tete Jaune were kind enough to share a bit of their paradise with us in mid-August. The picture above sums it up, we were ably to basically travel on the ridge as far you can see. Amazing multi-day backpacking trip.

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Busy AST Season

We are well on our way through a very busy Avalanche Skills Training season. Subscription to all courses, AST 1 & 2, as well as CRS has been brisk. Conditions have been generally good, quite mild(until now) for most of the winter.

Perfect ski touring conditions
Thank you so much again for the amazing course. I learned so much from you guys, can’t wait to put those skills to use in the backcountry.” Jessica

We had amazing conditions in the Coquihalla for our AST 2 course this past weekend, over 100cms of storm snow, very light winds and moderate temps. Snowpack was a bit spicy, had to select conservative terrain.

You will definitely see me on another course next year with you. Thx. Amanda

I was surprised, given the dodgey road conditions, how many folks actually ventured out to the Coquihalla on the weekend. Avalanche Canada’s MIN report was lit up. Ride safe out there.

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Coastal Shoreline Clean-Up

Wonderful news for BC’s Central Coast. Congrats to all, including Adventure Tourism Coalition members, the Wilderness Tourism Association & the Commercial Bear Viewing Association. @BearViewingBC / #WildernessTourismAssociation

BC Gov’t Announcement –

WTA Media Kit –

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Selwyn Traverse

I just finished a wonderful 5-day backpacking traverse of the Selwyn Range, east of Valemount and south of Mt Robson, in the Canadian Rockies. A largely undiscovered bit of backcountry paradise.

We experienced all kinds of weather, including a few days of snow or rain, depending on our elevation. The scenery was amazing, a truly world-class, off-trail adventure. Thank to Peter for the invite, and for Art and his Valemount friends for sharing the secrets of their backyard paradise.

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What Will Winter Courses & Ski Touring Look Like

It’s been hitting the high 30’s in Kamloops nearly everyday since the middle of July, so it’s hard to think about ski touring and avalanche courses. But winter really is just around the corner. We are all wondering how the Covid-19 pandemic, and the resulting, necessary measures to combat the spread of the virus will affect our winter activities.

I am very confident that we can deliver the Avalanche Skills Training 1 & 2, and Companion Rescue Skills course in an effective and enjoyable fashion, while meeting all the requirements set up by WorkSafeBC, the Provincial Health Office and the BC Centre for Disease Control. The classroom portion of all courses will be delivered online, and all necessary protocols will be employed during the field portions of the courses. Our courses nearly always run at capacity, so sign-up early.

I have decided to hit the pause button on any ski touring trips, at least for the time being. I prefer to wait and see if, and how the 2nd or 3rd wave of the pandemic manifests itself. I am going to try and run our very popular AST 2+ course, but only if I am completely confident if can be done in an safe manner. I will make a decision on that in early October.

Take good care, Brad

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Missing Summer in the Mountains

This is my 2nd full summer not running the General Mountaineering Camp for the Alpine Club of Canada, or my own Boutique Mountaineering Camp. That’s nearly 40 full summers of actually “living” in the mountains. I really miss actually setting up home in British Columbia’s amazing backcountry. Weekend trips and climbs are really fun and rewarding, but they are just not the same as setting up shop. I have been very fortunate to have spent so much time in the Rockies, Selkirks and Purcells, with so many very cool people.

Take good care, Brad