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 Companion Rescue Skills(refresher)

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The courses focus on understanding, recognizing & avoiding
avalanche hazards. We focus on terrain recognition, basic snow pack
structure, weather, safe route finding & avalanche rescue techniques.

"Together we have over 30 years of ski guiding and work in the
avalanche industry"

Shredding a line in the Selkirks 

My Dad, taking packhorses across a glacier in the 50's

Wide open spaces in the BC's unparelled backcountry

Contemplating a line in the Esplanade Range of the Selkirk Mountains

Customer Comments

Hi Brad,

I wanted to send a note to thank you and your team for the incredible experience last week. It was my first BMC, and my first mountaineering camp of any kind, and I was blown away by the hospitality, opportunity and beauty of what you have created. The food was exceptional – Charlotte did an incredible job and I miss her food already. Your guides made me feel welcome, safe and encouraged fun. I wanted to give a particular shout out to Matt, who always makes any objective enjoyable and a great learning experience – he taught me a lot; to the younger Alex, who showed incredible technical and guest skills; and Monte, who made a difficult day for me so much easier. I would return in a heartbeat if these individuals were on your roster again.

What you created with the camp and the experience is second to none, Brad. Thank you for all of your hard work, attention to detail, and good care. Stefan and I will definitely be back.


Hi Brad,

Thanks so much for your email and yet another amazing week at the BMC. Like I said to you when we were up there it was the highlight of my summer. Thanks for all of the amazing work you put into it!


“Brad, take care, and thanks for all your efforts. I know how simple you make the complexity of a wilderness camp appear. There’s so much work behind the scenes and you’re the guy that knows how to do it.”


Hi Brad,

The climbing at this year's camp was the hardest I have experienced through the 3 BMCs and 8 Alpine Club GMCs that I have attended. Mt. Wotan and the Toadstool were the most technical routes that we have done. We were challenged, rewarded and felt totally safe at all times, the guides did a great job. I'm glad that we were able to pull it off, looking forward to next year.


Hi Brad,

I learned so much during your course and had a fantastic time. I am certain you will see me next year for the AST 2 course!


Hi Brad,
I had a great time at the camp--what made it special for me was the location, the small group of people, the guides and private time as well as mingling with others. I loved the luxury of the hot shower. You were incredibly attentive to detail and making sure everyone was looked after. The meals were perhaps too sumptuous.

I will definitely attend the camp next year and will encourage more people to come.


Latest News - Conditions are awesome, our AST program is in full swing


Amazing layer of surface hoar

Excellent riding conditions

This lake hasn't been seen by very many people.

View from the important house

"Brad - Thank you so much for an incredible week at camp! It was the highlight of our summer. Also very nice to get out on a couple of outings with you this time! It was a week with lots of laughs and good stories. The great climbing, guides and leaders, the stellar views, the perfect campsite, awesome swimming, and exceptional food all added to make a memorable experience.


A happy AST crew enjoying their final field day

"Hi Brad!

As a first-time BMC’er, I went into this not really knowing what to expect… and I was blown away by the level of organization and professionalism presented by the crew.

Thanks so much for providing the opportunity to build new mountain skills and share adventures with some truly amazing people! Can’t wait for next year…


"Hi Brad,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the great week at BMC. The thought, care, and immense amounts of work you put into every last little detail of the camp was apparent every step of the way, and deeply appreciated. I was so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and patience of the guides we had for the week.

All were keen to teach (I learned so much!), and their passion for the mountains and the work they do was obvious. The food was amazing, and Charlotte was fun, helpful, and great to have around.


This is how we get there, thanks to Alpine Helicopters

"Hi Brad,

Thank you for a wonderful camp! The climbing was spectacular, I loved your guides, and the whole camp was so well run and organized and pleasant!  And most of all, thanks so much for looking out for me!!