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Ski Touring

We offer a number of annual ski touring and ski mountaineering trips throughout the winter in the pristine confines of the magnificent mountains of British Columbia.

Ernst shredding

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great companions

Hi Brad,
I learned so much during your course and had a fantastic time. I am certain you will see me next year for the AST 2 course!


sparkling surface hoar

You have really put on an amazing course and I am really happy with the knowledge that I’ve learned. I really believe you are the best or one of the very best in our province at what you do. Your course was enjoyable and also really challenged me – I had a friend that took a similar course stateside and I must’ve learned about three times as much in yours.


shredding the powder

I have to say that the trip was the highlight of my skiing career. I have spent many years skiing in the mountains and never hired a guide before. I would love to go again and feel you were an excellent and professional guide at all times. Your knowledge of the area, terrain and snow conditions made me feel totally comfortable. If it works out I would like to be in better condition prior to making the trip next time since it took me a day or two to get up to speed on the climbs.
Thanks again for a wonderful week,


wide-open spaces

Thanks so much for everything Brad, you truly set an amazing tone that let everyone feel comfortable and at ease. I learned so much!!