2016 Moby Dick

BMC 2016, The Melville Range – Selkirk Mtns – British Columbia

I am pleased to announce the location of the fifth annual Boutique Mountaineering Camp!  Please join us in the remote Moby Dick area of the Selkirk Mountains, allowing access to some high-quality rock, amazing traverses in a spectacular yet comfortable setting. 

We’ll have a spectacular campsite situated right beside the beautiful Houston Lake. Moby Dick,  Fafnir, Claggart,  Billy Budd, Pequod, Excalade, Forecastle, Proteus, Benito Cereno, White Jacket and Ulysses are all climbing objectives located within close proximity to our base camp site.

Over 2 summers I spent 10 weeks at this location and really enjoyed the good quality rock and the variety of amazing traverses available. The Redburn-White Jacket-Proteus traverse is one of my all-time favorite climbing routes. Visit the Moby Dick Route Synopsis for detailed route information. You can also check out routes in the guidebook Selkirks South, authored by David Jones. 

Maps, Topographical & Road

Mapsheet for the area is 82K/14, Westfall River Moby Dick BMC – Topographical Map


Moby Dick, Quick Info

Moby Dick, Bits & Bytes


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Hi Brad,

I have never enjoyed a mountain camp as much as did on the BMC – full credit to you!


Hi Brad,

Thank you for a great week at Moby Dick! What a great way for Alan and I to spend our 15th anniversary.

The food was truly amazing and I have sent Marylene an e-transfer as a big thank you. We also enjoyed the guides. We mostly climbed with Larry and Dean whom we enjoyed spending time with. All climbs were great and I really appreciated that the climbs were more challenging than what we have experienced at the GMC.


The short approaches were very much appreciated, but I think you’ve got a winning formula overall.

It’s the total package, from staging to shuttle bus to chopper to camp amenities to guiding & catering & YOU, that makes this camp the roaring success that it is.