2015 Gothic – Adamant

BMC 2015, The Gothics – Selkirk Mtns – British Columbia

I am pleased to announce the location of the fourth annual Boutique Mountaineering Camp!  Please join us in the remote Gothics area of the Selkirk Mountains, with a number of significant peaks and access to some high-quality rock in an amazing and very comfortable setting. 

We’ll have a spectacular campsite situated near treeline just east of the toe of the Adamant Glacier.  Adamant Mtn,Blackfriar Pk, Azimuth Mtn, Pioneer Pk,East Peak of the Gothics, Mount Thor, Mount Fria, Gibraltar Pk, Mt. Stockmer and Yggdrasil Mtn are located within close proximity to our proposed base camp site.

There are some highly recommended routes on excellent rock in this area. I will have more detailed route information on those routes shortly. You can also check out the routes in the  guidebook Selkirks North, authored by David Jones.  David offers this advice, “the rock is generally very solid and provides exceptional opportunities for climbing”.

Maps, Topographical & Road

Useful topo mapsheets are Mt Sir Sandford(82N/12) and Sullivan River(82N/13)

Gothics BMC – Shaded Relief

Gothics BMC – Topographical Map


Gothics – Adamants, Quick Info

Gothics – Adamants, Bits & Bytes


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Wildlife Sightings

Hi Brad,

“The climbing at this year’s camp was the hardest I have experienced through the 3 BMCs and 8 Alpine Club GMCs that I have attended. Mt. Wotan and the Toadstool were the most technical routes that we have done. We were challenged, rewarded and felt totally safe at all times, the guides did a great job. I’m glad that we were able to pull it off, looking forward to next year.”


Hi Brad

“Thanks so much for your email and yet another amazing week at the BMC. As I said to you when we were up there it was the highlight of my summer. Thanks for all of the amazing work that you put into it.”