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Camp Harrison

They’ve saddled up with Feuz and Kain, had it out with the Alpine Club ofCanada and delivered masses up the mountains. Edgewater, BC’s legendary Harrison Clan has always climbed to the beat of its own drum.

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Pain and Pleasure at the Icefall Brook GMC

Today, Peter and I are going to take them to the summits of Ernest, Edward and Rudolph, all of them reaching over 11,000’. It isn’t very often that one is able to bag 3, 11,000’ summits in one day.

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James Cari GMC Article

Our mini-epic on the last day of the first week of the 2005 GMC in the Moby Dick Range capped a memorable week of excellent climbing, great food and new friendships.

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A Family for the Outfit

Sixty-two years ago, the Alpine Club of Canada and the Harrison family first came together, when Bill Harrison won a contract to outfit the 1946 General Mountaineering Camp in the Bugaboos. Harrisons have been outfitting the camps ever since. As chance would have it, this year’s GMC was also in the Bugaboo/Vowell area. Bill’s youngest son, Brad, was the outfitter. It seems particularly appropriate, then, that the Harrison family, with Brad as its representative, is the Patron of the 2008 Mountain Guides Ball.

Reading about this remarkable family, you will discover men and women of great physical and mental vitality. The amount of physical and mental effort required to organize hundreds of people in the backcountry—to wake them in the pre-dawn hours, to feed and encourage them, to teach and lead them, humour and entertain them—is simply staggering. The Harrisons have been doing just this for sixty years.

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Be Wild in BC Article

Brad Harrison Wilderness workaholic, an article written in 2008 by Andrew Findlay. 

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In 1998 Cyril Shokoples wrote an article for the Canadian Alpine Journal that was a tribute to our family and our involvment outfitting mountaineering camps in Western Canada.

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