2012 Carbonate Range

2012 Boutique Mountaineering Camp on the Carbonate Range & Purcell Mountains

We are pleased to announce the location of first-ever Boutique Mountaineering Camp! Experience the Carbonate range in the comfort and exclusivity of the newly-minted Boutique Mountain Camp format. The area offers numerous objectives in close proximity to our basecamp. The routes vary from walkups to cool, technical routes. Our low client to guide ratio—2–3 clients per guide/leader—allow us a lot of flexibility with climbing objectives.

The spectacular campsite is nestled beside a small alpine tarn. Basecamp is situated between the Spillimacheen group to the north and the Carbonate Group to the southeast. Malachite Spire (2699m), Horseman Spire (3035m), International Mtn (3099m), Cairn Peak (2655m), Carbonate Mt (2699m) and Battlemount Mt. (2909m) are all peaks that will be objectives to the southeast. Mt Sibbald (2699m), Strutt Pk. (2716m) and Sandlands Pk. (2736m) are located right above the basecamp and provide fantastic short-day options. David Peak (2869m), Cony Peak (2864m) and Twin Towers Peak (2864m) are in the Spillimacheen group and are accessible from our basecamp.

The camp operates on a seven day, Sunday to Sunday, basis. Your camp fees cover private tent accommodation, guiding and instruction in all disciplines, sumptuous meals and all group climbing equipment. The transportation of food, camping gear and your larger dunnage is also covered by the fees.

To register for the camp, or if you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Brad Harrison.

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