2013 BMC  – in the – Sugarplum-Hatteras Range of the Purcell Mountains

I am pleased to announce the location of second annual BMC! Please join us in the remote Sugarplum-Hatteras Range of the Purcell Mountains, seldom visited, with excellent rock in an amazing setting. Next summer’s BMC will be tailored to fit a wide range of abilities, fitness level and exploring interests. The Hatteras area offers a variety of objectives including everything from glacier, ice, scrambling to technical climbing. Depending on demand, introductory and intermediate skill reviews/workshops may be offered on snow, rock and ice. There are also wonderful opportunities to hike in the area. If you are not a hard-core climber, but love to do some exploring in a mountain environment, this camp could also be the place for you.

Topo Map


Sugarplum Hatteras Area Sketch.pdf

Mt. Hatteras 1-50,000 Topo Map

Road Maps

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Sugarplum-Hatteras BMC, Quick Info

Sugarplum-Hatteras BMC, Bits and Bytes


Wildlife Recreation Guidelines

Wildlife Observation Report

Wildlife Sightings

Sugarplum-Hatteras Range – Route Information

BMC Route Info Condensed – Originating from “Selkirks South”, copyright by David P Jones

Thank you for a wonderful week! One of my best weeks in the mountains yet