2018 – Westfall / Nemo

Photo by Mark Masterson

BMC 2018, Westfall / Nemo Groups – Selkirk Mtns – British Columbia

I am pleased to announce the location of the seventh annual Boutique Mountaineering Camp!  Please join us in the remote Westfall / Nemo area of the Selkirk Mtns. Our basecamp will facilitate access to some amazing climbing in a spectacular yet comfortable setting. 

We’ll have a spectacular basecamp situated in the upper part of the south arm of Houston Creek at an elevation of 2000 meters. The location will allow for excellent access to Goodrich, Hanover, Big Green, Wrong, Vistamount, Ledge, Martini, Thomas, Thumb Spire and the Thumbnail which are located north or west of camp. Ferrite, Geothite, Haematite, Ventral, Dorsal, Adipose and Caudal will be challenging objectives situated east of camp.

There is an excellent mix of technical climbs, snow and rock routes and a number of scrambles. As you will note after reading the route info, there is some outstanding granite in the area with a number of highly recommend routes. The basecamp will be situated in a spectacular but comfortable alcove near Gobi Pass. High quality rock seekers will be pleased with the challenging rock routes. There are a number of scrambles and non-technical routes. We are confident all will find lots to do at the 2018 BMC. We hope to see you there!

Check out the 2018 Brochure

Visit Westfall / Nemo Route Info for detailed route information. Originating from “Selkirks South”, copyright by David P Jones.

Mapsheet for the area is 82K/14, Westfall River. Local area maps can be found at Westfall / Nemo Topo,  Westfall / Nemo (north) TRIM  or Westfall / Nemo (south) TRIM

Logistics –   Westfall / Nemo, Quick Info  /  Westfall, Bits & Bytes

Sustainability –   Wildlife Recreation Guidelines /   Wildlife Observation Report 

I want to thank you for a fantastic experience. I had a blast, the climbing was awesome and your team is great.  Hope to be able to join you again next year.  Thanks a million.


Hi Brad,
“I had wonderful trips with you, Ron and Sharon and enjoyed all my time with Scott and Ben also. Not being a peak-bagger and living just east on the dry scree / scrambling slopes of the Rockies the Whiterose traverse will be in my memory forever … wait a minute …… it was fun belaying steep stuff on the Fresnoy North Ridge with great scrambling there after. Oh what the heck it was all great thanks to your superb organization.


Hey Brad;
I really enjoyed the Mt Alexandra camp – your personal touch and accommodating attitude made it particularly special.

Clifton Potter

“I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated the opportunities that you have given me over the GMC and BMC camps. I have learned many things from you and have tonnes of great memories from working on those camps. Lots of good laughs! These camps also helped immensely in my development as a guide, and for this I am grateful. Working with you has been an inspiration and I have always looked forward to spending a week or two in the backcountry with you. Thank you.”


“Thanks Brad, great things about the BMC.
Small numbers – makes it easier to get to know the whole group and offers more flexibility with trip planning
Excellent climbing venue – short, relatively easy access to a wide variety of climbs of varying degrees of difficulty
Excellent food, service and accommodation – not having to share a tent is a major bonus
Your personal touch – that is definitely worth 4 stars”