2017 Mt Alexandra

Photo by Mark Masterson

BMC 2017, Mt Alexandra – Rocky Mtns – British Columbia

I am pleased to announce the location of the sixth annual Boutique Mountaineering Camp! Please join us in the remote Mt Alexandra area of the Canadian Rockies. Our basecamp will facilitate access to some amazing climbing in a spectacular yet comfortable setting.

We’ll have a spectacular campsite situated near the headwaters of South Rice Brook Mt. Alexandra, Queens Peak, Mt Spring Rice, Coral Pk, Queant, Mt Fresnoy, Whiterose, Whirlwind Pk, Rose Petal, Osprey and Fool’s Gold are all climbing objectives located within close proximity to our basecamp site. Noted routes are Mt. Alexandra (over 11,000′), Queen’s Peak (rarely climbed), and the Whiterose and Fresnoy Traverses. There may also be an opportunity to attempt Mt Bryce at the end of your BMC. Call for details.

Over 2 summers, 1998 & 2007, I have spent 10 weeks at this location and really enjoyed the diversity and variety of climbs available. The Whiterose and Fresnoy traverses are two of my all-time, favorite climbing routes. I understand that Queen’s Peak has been climbed less than 5 times and is nearly 11,000′. It is certainly one of the most demanding routes I have completed. As well, Whirlwind and Queant offer a variety of rock-climbing routes. On down or rest days there are pleasant meadows to stroll through and lakes to visit. Rose Petal, Whirlwind, Osprey and Coral are excellent short-day options.

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Visit Alexandra Info for detailed route information. Originating from “Rockies West”, copyright by David P Jones

Mapsheets for the area are 82N/14 Rostrum Peak and 83C/3 Columbia Icefield. Local area maps can be found at Alexandra 1-20,000 or Alexandra 1-50,000

Logistics – Alexandra, Quick Info  /  Alexandra, Bits & Bytes

Sustainability –   Wildlife Recreation Guidelines /   Wildlife Observation Report 

Good morning Brad:
I want to tell you what a wonderful week I had at The BMC. The BMC is superior to the GMC in every way! A beautiful location and the setup was superb!
I enjoyed Pierre very much and the rest of the guides. Hamish and Kathy were delight as assistant guides.

Julie Muller

Hi Brad.
Thanks for a wonderful week of climbing. This week was the highlight of my summer and as well for Katherine. Your benches outside were of course a super hit. All the guides that week were exceptional.

Sharon Blackwell

Thank you for one of the best days I’ve ever had in the mountains. That was a fantastic day
I’d like to sign up for the first week for next year
Thanks again for a great week!!
Take care

Martin Lesperance